pyjama party, always.

We all know that bedwear-as-outerwear has been doing the high fashion rounds for a while now. It’s undeniable. Whether it’s slinky slips dressed down for the day, matching silk shirts and pants, or simply throw-over kimono-style gowns, the look and appeal is everywhere. Every half-fashionable / creative workplace will have a culprit, at least one. We’re all severely jealous of their ease and I-woke-up-like-this attitude. And we are praying the style won’t go away. Not just yet. Living in comfort for just a while longer, dragging into the winter months where well-being often overcomes beauty, because now we can have both. We actually can have our cake and eat it too ( please, tell me, who invented such a strange saying? I always eat my cake ).

The new collections are starting to arrive in store after months of waiting and anticipation. The current runways are holding fast to leisure. Heck, some labels are inventing themselves as luxury-pyjama-only brands ( I’m looking at you Willa & Mae – gimme ). Everyone knows they are on to a good thing and they aren’t letting go. Key labels for inspiration seeking – Burberry, Prada, Emilio Pucci.

Maybe it’s the fact that the daily grind is so constant, that city-life is so stifled, that we even require such a trend. Or maybe it’s our deep-seated rebellious nature coming out – our mums would never have let us leave the house wearing our pj’s as children. It’s a reminder that there is freedom in life, even when deadlines approach and stress levels heighten. We can wear floaty pants, jump straight out of bed to commute, eat whatever we like ( those drawstring ties are a saviour ).

All I’m saying is, there is no such thing as a regret when comfort levels are that high. I’m even searching our ancient dress-up piles for the old souvenir-gifted kimonos. I want that silky feeling now, the one where every day is a party.
burberry pyjamas fall 2016
prada pyjama trend spring 2017
hellessy silk spring 2017
roksanda sleepwear spring 2017

important articles :: issue ii.

Before I flit off into my strange brain-world again or get way too inspired by the Dope Lemon in my ears right now – some readings for you. With the start of 2017 there is a buzzing feeling. People are ready to take on new challenges, walk through more doors, and try something new. At times it feels that half my time is spent dreaming up little games or quests for myself in the aim to just be better. So far I’ve already decided I want to learn how to hand letter ( in that beautiful, Instagram-esque way ), write with more meaning, and take on Gwyneth Paltrow’s scary detox ( won’t be so scary when I secretly allow myself a daily coffee regardless ). So what are your plans, hopes, dreams? Then get lost in these articles because they are well worth the time. Expanding the brain and providing a few laughs too.

  1. Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons in Conversation – I actually read this article online, and then gave in to the magwhore sitting on my shoulder and purchased the full magazine ( WORTH IT ). So I am currently in the process of re-reading this. I appreciated it that much. The Post-It notes have even been brought out for the occasion. These two industry stalwarts share an intimate conversation, an eye-opener on some of their authentic thoughts and beliefs. Get excited for the future of fashion because with both of them still in power great things will happen.
  2. The Surprising History of Spoons – A bit out of the ordinary, yes. Not what I would typically click on to read. But I learnt something, more than just one thing. Who knew that spoons could have been such social currency and signs of utter wealth in the past.
  3. How to Small Talk if You Hate Small Talk – This is the advice I needed weeks ago, but I have now bookmarked this link and tried to commit it’s contents to memory. No one likes being the lonely guy at the party, so get involved.
  4. A Reader Asks: How do I Get Into the Sustainable Fashion Industry? – Similarly bookmarked, because this was what I was looking for. I ask myself that same question all the time, and I have no answers. So the advice from one of the US’ prominent sustainable fashion bloggers is well received. Basically, be a sustainability nerd and read everything, network network network ( especially when in Australia the industry is still so teensy ) and choose your specific area. That topic is a beast and cannot be tackled by one person alone.
  5. Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes Speech – How could I not end on this one? It’s everywhere, but for good reason. Meryl Streep = goddess. But the aftermath is ( sadly ) even more compelling, the PRESIDENT-ELECT ( wtf? ) responding to this? Any expletive that comes to mind is required to describe the reaction. Shameful outbursts are more akin to a tantrum-throwing toddler or a high school girl caught in the middle of a bitchy catfight with no reason, than a powerful country’s representative and supposed leader. What has actually come of this world.
Sorry to end that on such a defeated note. Here, have these whimsically beautiful images to take you into dream-land again, the place we all want to live. A bunch of embellishments ripe for the taking.
dior embellished beetles sleeve
embellished sneakers street style
glitter bead top gold
loewe fringe dress
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this year’s creative challenge.

I’ve started thinking that maybe I should document my outfit explorations of 2017 ( likely weekday only – I turn into a bum come the weekend ). A new challenge for me creatively, a visualisation of my daily creative pleasure, and an easy access record of those pairings I love, those that worked, and those that were complete flops ( namely those that leave you feeling uncomfortable or un-beautiful, or any other negative un- ).

If I’m feeling brave, socks pulled up and hair sitting pretty, I may even share these with you. While I won’t quite look like the usual street style babes, at least it will be an image of normalcy, the opposite of the elite. A management of style on a miniscule budget and limited wardrobe.

Self-timer is one of my multiplying new best friends. “The Daily” iPhone photo has been established.

Here are some of the outfits currently inspiring and ready for imaginative emulation ( one of which has already been vaguely appropriated for today ). Let the suggestions flow freely. Welcome welcome welcome.
ankle scarf denim street style camille charriere street style pernille teisbaek street style
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i wish :: a start to the year.

( This is as far as my shocking poetry skills go – you will hear no more after this, promise ).

I wish I could make up my mind. I wish I could do everything.

I wish I could be busy. I wish I could be peaceful.

I wish I could move away from the city. I wish I could keep my family and friends next door.

I wish I could stay young forever. I wish I could just grow up.

You know how sometimes life just makes you wonder? I pledged to myself I would have a less “woe is me” attitude on the blog in 2017, adjusting to the upbeat, inspirational voice I dream of and that sits way back in my head somewhere. So hopefully this is the last of that. Hopefully it’s all out of my system now. Because what is life when you are constantly questioning and wishing, but a distraction from the present, a blinder to the surrounding inspiration and beauty, a deterrent from just going out and doing SOMETHING. Anything is better than nothing. The current sunshine is better than tomorrow’s uncertainty. So, a message to myself, just stop it. Get over it. Get out there. Stop doubting. Do it.

And yes, things have changed around here. Welcome to 2017.

fashion shoot sambag slides

fashion shoot lucilla gray

fashion shoot ginia pyjamas

fashion shoot wish

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reflecting on the year that was.

While the rest of the world has been lamenting the year that was 2016, I have been quietly sitting back. The kid in the corner. Yes, the earth is falling apart – real shit has happened this year – but can we actually expect it to be better in the next?

I’m not promoting a sad-fest or a constant state of pessimism; instead, I feel it’s important to reflect on the freaking amazing things that have happened. #1 – we are still alive, we’ve made it to see a new year once again. I am sure that the vast majority of us, while noticing many, countless awful things, have also experienced some really special moments in 2016.

To be honest, and the reason why I had hid in my corner, I think 2016 has personally been my best yet. The most unpredictable, crazy, life-changing year of them all. And I don’t believe it’s just because I’ve reached a quarter of a century. This list is not a brag. It’s an encouragement to create your own, reflect back on all the big or little moments of the year that have made an impact. There has to be at least one hidden there among the cobwebs of memory.

– Starting the study life again. Finally getting back to the roots of what I have always wanted to do. Listening to my heart ( lame, but also true ) more than my brain.

– Quitting my job. Scary. Crazy. Stupid? Who knows. But it’s plunged me into a myriad of other opportunities and allowed me the time to consider life, what I’m looking for, and maybe make a plan.

– Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. The most insane part of my year, and also the most life-changing and perspective-adjusting. My only recommendation: DO IT.

– Gaining a spot on the VAMFF Fashion Writing Mentorship program. Which still blows my mind.

– Getting engaged. Up the life stage.

They are the big things, but life is full of the smaller too. Moments that deserve reflection and gratitude. And then get creative like the talented Jordan Andrew Carter.

iris apfel jordan andrew carter

anna wintour jordan andrew carter creative

wes anderson jordan andrew carter design

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the sustainers :: auguste the label.

This Sydney weather is playing topsy-turvy with my whole life. From 30+ degrees to winter and back again in a matter of days, bringing the warmest of jumpers back out of hiding and inducing a pre-Christmas dreaded illness. That and extreme emotions arising – teary eyes for no reason, anger at my messy handbag, on and on. Uncertainties that sit at the back of the mind find new life again, playing haunting games ( wrong time of year, brain ). We are all just waiting for the year to end. I turn to glorious clothing in the meantime instead – an escape, a vent, a landscape of beauty, where emotions are level and the weather is always perfection.

So here we go – I’m calling it. Auguste the Label could just be Australia’s closest answer to The Reformation ( and we really do need our own answer – the honest voice in my head always reminds how bad our constant online shopping and worldwide shipping probably truly is ). They’ve got big, whopping big, shoes to fill and one helluva status to live up to, but from what I’ve seen so far, it’s positive.

It’s a bit more boho, a lot more Byron Bay ( minus the dreadlocks and tie-dye ), but the general simple, yet beautiful, aesthetic is spot on. The philosophy is on par too – a belief I also strongly hold, and benefit from myself. The aim to create pieces that can be passed down through the generations, from mother to daughter, because of this inherent quality and timeless / trend-shunning design. Not to say the pieces themselves aren’t “trendy”, but we can always make big sleeves a thing, florals will exist forever in some form, and everything goes round again. Rarely is the wheel re-invented.

And if you’ve got the time, take a brief look through their detailed ethics. We know who made our clothes, we know where they live, we know where our money goes. That is the key – TRANSPARENCY. I have my heart eyes set on the bell-sleeve shirt and the beach house frill dress ( which is exactly what I’ve been looking for this season ) so I can pretend I live in California everyday and just float through summer with a canvas tote, bejewelled sandals and free flowing hair to match the sunshine vibe.

auguste the label nicole trunfio

auguste the label byron bay

auguste the label sustainable fashion

auguste the label ethical

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christmas outfits of your dreams.

Let me help you decide on the Christmas outfit of perfection. This month, instead of reliving the awing beauty of just one collection, I thought we’d do a little grouping. I’m feeling a need to deliver the Christmas spirit through outfit choices, because my apartment is lacking in any signs of the holidays ( the toilet paper is the most festive thing in there ).

I’m thinking:

– A very Gucci take on Christmas ( from 2016’s F/W collection ). Red, green, ruffles. It’s a glorified jumpsuit out there, ready for a hot summer’s celebration ( sorry all you Northerners ).

– How about a gingham surprise. Find a twin, grab a sister or a friend – I’ll take red, you have green. Then match, match, match a la MSGM.

– Plaid also seems like a very Christmassy ideal – was it designed for such an occasion originally? The rule is to choose one that reflects a holiday tone; red, green, white, or crazy. For an Australian Christmas I’m a fan of Calvin Klein’s simple plaid dress, brought in with a miniaturised Santa belt ( ? ). Breezy enough to sit around in all day, roomy enough for all that feasting. All you need to add is some ridiculous bauble earrings and the spirit is with you.

– Orrrrr why not wear decorations fit for the Christmas tree in your ears? ( ones that far outweigh the regular bauble or bell of the above ). Delpozo delivers. You could wear a potato sack and still incredible with these dangling from your head.

– And lastly, what could be more Christmassy and over-the-top than a lashing of embellishment? I’ll take a classic sheer black dress from Valentino, rendered new with handcrafted details, please.

gucci fall 2016 christmas outfit
MSGM resort 2017 gingham
calvin klein plaid dress
delpozo christmas earrings
valentino embellished black gown

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