the list-maker.

Everyone seems to have gotten on board with the whole 52 lists thing. Pip Lincolne is the biggest fiend. Seeing photos of these lists gets me excited — is that weird?

I was the queen of lists at a young age. Literally everything became a list.
There was my list of hair do’s, list of baby names, list of places to go, list of things I wanted, and more, all on top of the daily to-do list (honestly who needs one of these when they’re 8 and on school holidays anyway). Yup, lists. Couldn’t get enough of them.
Now I’m slightly better – and when I say slightly I mean not really better at all. My lists have become more scattered and all over the place so they no longer even look like lists, an act to deceive myself. I’ve got things everywhere – Evernote, tumblr, documents on my computer, notes on my iPhone, post it notes. And my Safari bookmarks! I counted 27 separate folders of bookmarks – ridiculous. You would think I don’t have a life.
Surely I am not the only crazy list lady out there. These artists were definitely worse. So excuse me if I go make a few lists and pop them on here.


(Image from here)

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