Time with : Timothy John

You know how every blog always seems to interview amazing, inspiring creative people? I look at a dozen of these every week, and I love it, but what ever happened to the rest of us? Everyone else who slaves away each day and rarely has time to indulge themselves in creativity. We all have our creative outlet and that is what I want to show and celebrate. We can find inspiration all around.

To kick this off, I asked Tim to be my first test subject. You can learn amazing things with just a few questions.IMG_0221

What would be your gang$ta name?

T. Day Fiasco.

Where, and by what, do you feel most inspired?

BIBLE, ocean, when listening to music, the library…

What is your creative outlet?

Surfing, skating, guitar, scrapbooking and film photography.

What movie or book has inspired you?

Dane Reynolds – Thrills, Spills & What Not, and F. Scott Fitzgerald – The Great Gatsby. Thrills, Spills  inspires me to travel, surf and invest more in my amateur film-making skills, and Gatsby inspires me to love greatly, work diligently and be patient (& stylish) in all things.

Tim's inspiration wall / creative zone.
Inspiration wall / creative zone.

Do you have a thinking food or beverage?


Where do you dream of being in 10 years time?

Married, living somewhere small yet cool, teaching or looking after kids, playing synth and surfing in my spare time.

Self - portrait.
Self – portrait.

Dream job?

Writing and making short films.

Favourite colour?


Favourite band?

Vampire Weekend.

If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?

Less technology, especially digital stuff.

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