SF on my mind.

So I’ve been doing this marketing assignment recently, basically about introducing a product to Southern California.

 And this has got me dreaming. Again.
S A N F R A N C I S C O. Is there anywhere cooler?
san francisco
I can’t help but think of the hills and the coffee shops and the things to find there! I feel like half the blogs I constantly browse are based in San Fran, so my brain is filled with wonderful things and adventures. (Seriously, check out drifter and the gypsy or sf girl by bay just for starters).
I swear there are a million delicious ice cream stores, and vintage clothing boutiques too. Plus Parenthood is set there. Mmmmhmmm, the attraction.
For now I will keep dreaming, and saving those pennies. And making plans. And then spamming you with them.
san francisco

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