the unfinished projects.

It seems I am a fiend for starting things and never finishing them. And that is what I want to change right now – my aim is to make sure this blog doesn’t become just another of those never-ending ‘projects’. I have quite the collection.sewing

Here is just a few:
1. That 18th present for Soph – it’s only a year late at the moment. It is ongoing, always there. But I will finish that one, I gotta.
2. The time I decided to make a vest out of scrap material. Realised my method wasn’t working. End project there, and it is still somewhere in my wardrobe.
3. I had a great idea for a scrapbook. It lasted a week.
4. Tim and I were compiling photos and bits and pieces from the things we have done. Hasn’t been updated in forever. On the list of things to do.
5. Learning how to use Photoshop like a pro.
6. Tumblr.
7. Reading an interesting article everyday to become more informed about the world. The pile of newspapers and magazines are quickly amounting, and not going anywhere.
8. Wrote out 2 recipes for my ‘move-out scrapbook cookbook’. Then got bored.
9. Our magnificent market stall plans. Stayed in the notebook.
I could go on and on. It only takes one glance at all the nooks and crannies in my space and you will see what I mean. But that will change. I hope.
Am I the only one?
(Image from here)

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