harvest textiles.

The Finders Keepers Markets were back in Sydney last weekend – legitimately one of my favourite events of the year. It is a date set aside in my diary for 6 months, while I try my best to save up some sweet pennies for the splurge. finders keepers markets

This year that saving money strategy failed miserably. But hey, the show wasn’t over. The sheer amazement of the level of inspiration in one single room is mind-blowing and actually indescribable. Every stall had something to offer, something new, something handmade, something unique. Next time I will need to take a notebook and jot some clever ideas.

Because the lack of financial status I allowed myself one, and only one, purchase for the day. That is hard, virtually impossible really. I would have bought the place out if I was a millionaire. The adult teepees were seriously tempting, as were the stacks of bright and beautiful necklaces. But I went with Harvest Textiles‘ pillow case. Simple, yet so freaking cool. And on top of their crazy products they also run a variety of different classes and talks!

harvest textiles

harvest textilesharvest textilesI have been hugely inspired by Trixie’s vibe on The Block, and now I have my own little neon-yet-perfectly-subtle piece in my room.

They also have an incredible backpack. Next birthday present maybe?

(Images from here and here)

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