this will get you salivating.

I am a breakfast whore. I went there.

breakfast in bed
If you didn’t know that about me, then I would say you don’t really know me at all. I get excited about breakfast. When I am on holidays I plan my breakfasts in advance. When I’ve had a crap day I can’t wait to go to sleep, because it just means I will wake up sooner, and start a new day with my glorious bowl of brekkie.
I’m not talking any old breakfast – I don’t settle. I don’t want any of your factory-made banana bread or muesli. I am only after the real thing. Thinking about it now is actually doing crazy things to me.
But this gets me to my point. If you also love breakfast, and you love sharing your creative breakfasts with the world, well, then, I love you. Brekkie Instagram shots inspire me more than the insides of a beautiful house sometimes.
If you share this somewhat-strange passion / interest of mine then check out these Instagram profiles – they will not let you down one bit.

(Image from here)

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