gaining perspective.


You know those days when you would do anything to go back in time? That’s my day – or at least the second half of it. Honestly I would give all my money or shave off my hair or live in a tent, just to go back.

Car crashes are not fun. Or whiplash.
But in all honesty, maybe the fact that the day I have my first accident, and manage to write the car off (R.I.P ollie) is my worst ever day, is really saying something about my life. When I think about it hard and get past the shock and anger at myself there are so many blessings I can’t discount.
Firstly, we are ok. Nothing a few days and tears and panadols won’t heal. And thank God for that.
Secondly, this is the worst day I have ever experienced. What a blessing that this is the extent of badness in my days during the first 21 years of my life. I don’t wake up every morning wondering if I will make it through the day alive, if my family will be safe, if I will have food to eat or even get some work. Of course these things may pop into our heads at moments, but that is all it is, a moment – it is not our whole lives. And this is life – the everyday life – of countless people around the world (I won’t even try to guess how many because I know I will just grossly underestimate it).
So the one good thing to come out of this horrible day is a new perspective. Every moment is precious. Every life is precious. We are so blessed to live how and where we live. And all the more reason to support and love those who battle everyday in war-torn or poverty stricken countries. And this lesson is something to be thankful for.
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