socks & scarves.

My two favourite winter wardrobe essentials.

It is a rare day when I leave the house without a scarf on. No joke. Lately I have actually been trying to limit my scarf use, and deal with a frozen neck instead. People must have been starting to think I was wearing that same outfit everyday – always that ASOS coat, and one of my 3 favourite scarves. You couldn’t ever see the rest of my ensemble for these puffy layers.
Socks on the other hand, are those items I wish I had more opportunity to show off. They are always the most exciting thing I wear. Sometimes my socks make my day – try putting on a bright pair in the morning and I guarantee a better day. And the collection is continually growing. I can’t leave a Gorman store without a new pair. Basically I just have to stop wearing shoes.
scarfscarfsockssocks(Images from here and here)

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