Musings :: Chloe Sevigny

chloe sevigny

I freaking love her (and by her, I probably just mean everything she wears – wish I could say our relationship was deeper than that). And it might seem strange because I don’t think I have ever really seen her as an actress (although Big Love has been on my ‘to watch’ list for a long time now).

But she is always such a babe. Even as a Morman, 1 of 3 wives gal – those un-hipsterfied button-up shirts and traditional tresses have never looked so good. Every red carpet event she has that sought-after style. She doesn’t overdo it. She remains unique and herself.

Chloe just constantly pulls off the bohemian chic, vintage babe look, always ahead of the pack. I am so jealous of her wardrobe, those red lips and the perfect hair.

I don’t know how often she actually goes op-shopping real life, but she inspires me to go out everyday looking for wonderful cheapness, and pulling together an outfit from whatever I find. Become a 70’s goddess. She doesn’t care what others think of her ensembles, so why should I?

chloe sevignychloe sevignychloe sevigny

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