time with :: Claire Wind

I have known Claire for many years now, and every time I catch up with her my desire to study design is heightened once again. Such a source of inspiration!


What is your favourite part of the day?  Between 3-5pm when I know my day’s workload is nearly over and I can expect my husband to get home.

Where, and by what, do you feel most inspired?  Inspiration mainly comes to me when I am outside and seeing nature but also seeing what has been created, like houses and cafes etc. If I’m needing some quick inspiration however, I tend to browse blogs and magazines.


What is your creative outlet?  This is a tricky question to answer as I’d say being creative in itself is my outlet… I don’t have one specific medium, I just need to be inspired and challenged which leads to me trying out all types of things. At the moment I am teaching myself to crochet a rug, whilst knitting a blanket, re-upholstering a chair and sewing a patchwork quilt.

What movie, book or music has inspired you?  At the moment Nigel Peake’s book “In the Wilds” inspires me through an exploration of colour, line and beauty.


Talk us through your day.  Since I’m studying Interior Design & Decoration from home I generally get up when I wake up (no alarms!), do some chores/housework like last nights dishes and putting on a load of washing, then I’ll sit down with a cup of tea and write a blog post, get inspired by other blogs, instagram and pinterest and then start my days load of college work. This will normally involve drawing or working on CAD and researching amazing work of interior designers and architects. Then Jorge, my husband will get home, I’ll cook dinner and we will relax by reading or watching some tv.

Dream job?  Successful (busy) freelance interior stylist.

Favourite flower?  Peonies. (And Claire’s amazing sketch of a peony below).


Thinking food or beverage?  Food… always food.

If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?  People – we are all sinful, therefore creating a broken world.

And check out her blog here.


(Photos taken by Claire)

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