i want to do everything.

lisa smitNo joke. If I lived on earth forever I would probably dabble in most job opportunities and hobbies. And explore every country. There would be time enough to do absolutely everything I could think of.

Here is just a bit of my list of the things I would do:

  • Become a graphic designer, then an interior designer, then whatever the heck designer I decided next.
  • Have my own market stall with bits and bobs I have made, and Mum’s famous cookies.
  • Go to every single cafe that is worth visiting – testing their coffee, chai and muffins.
  • Become an amazing home cook and bake everything from scratch.
  • Have an extraordinary veggie patch. Basically a mini farm, with more chickens (although I will have to battle my fear of them before that…).
  • Volunteer overseas with aid work.
  • Sponsor a billion kids.
  • Open a home-food cafe. Make it the coolest place ever.
And that is just the start. Let’s see how many I can conquer in my mini lifetime.
(Photo by Lisa Smit)

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