inspiration wall :: july

july inspiration– I have been wanting to start a book club for so long. A few friends have these lovely monthly gatherings, and I am so envious! Now that the months are cold, why not start one. Such a good excuse to regularly meet up with the besties.

Souther Salazar creates these magical, colourful watercolour paintings and collages. What life should be like.

– I feel like getting lost in the wilderness. Escaping the suburbs for a while and exploring. Breathing in that fresh cold air. And meeting some crazy horses along the way.

– Seriously coveting this Coach leather backpack right now. Absolutely beautiful, not to mention handy. I just constantly have a crush on brown leather anything.

– Also loving this Louis Vuitton coat. The checks and colours. A bit of a brightener in the middle of winter!

– Love her, and that dress. Miroslava Duma is impeccable. Wish I could pull together patterns the way she does. No harm in trying. She may just be my winter style inspiration.

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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