time with :: Melody Forghani

Mel is one of those people who gives you a refreshed view on life and all things whenever you talk to her. The greatest. She has always inspired me, with all her amazing achievements so far in life at such a young age, her creativity, and her love for people.

Best pick up line that has ever been used on you / you have heard?  “You had me at Wingardium Leviosa”

Where, and by what, do you feel most inspired?  Staring out my bedroom window and out into the garden – there is something so comforting about the suburbs. Being out in nature is always a killer too.


Room with a view.

What is your creative outlet?  Lately its been cooking and collages. Cooking can be creative right?

What movie, book, or music has inspired you?  I’m really into spoken word and poetry by Anis Mojgani at the moment. His words are so honest and so beautiful.

Talk us through your day.  Everyday is usually quite different to the next but some vital constants are pie-eating at Bourke St Bakery, working as a publicist at Bossy Music and not excersizing.


Bossy Music.

Dream job?  Photo Journalist or Cinematographer for National Geographic.

Favourite messina flavour?  Coconut and pandan.

Thinking food or beverage?  Both. Nothing like a good trail mix or a cup of Tulsi tea.

If you could change one thing about the world what would it be?  I’d take away prejudices of any kind – ain’t nobody got time for that.


Creative floor.

See what I mean? She is great.

(Photos by Melody)

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