holiday happenings.

little gunga

I don’t know about you but I absolutely love to explore new places. The highlight of so many holiday destinations are tracking down the best cafe in the area. And then I start wishing it was my local. Thankfully Ulladulla is a regular getaway because 3 of my favourite hangouts are there.

1. Little Gunga. When we first found this place last year I was immediately sold. If I ever own a cafe, I want it to be just like this. Beautiful wooden tables, hand-painted takeaway coffee cups, and some seriously good coffee. I’m actually sitting there right now, on one of their painted wooden stools, wishing I could spend all day here, escaping the rain.
2. Pilgrims. Best, cheapest, biggest, healthiest meal options around. Legit. Your mouth actually waters.
3. The Treehouse Cafe. The most vintage-inspired space I have ever seen. Lovely velvet armchairs, old wooden chairs and tables. Even ladders on the roof, decorated with teacups and vines. You pretty much escape into Wonderland. And delish food.
And that is just 3 reasons to love this area.

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