beautiful labels.

Maybe I don’t study design, I’m not a classified ‘designer’, but I still like to think that I have an eye for it. I hope I do at least.

jam bandits


When a product has a beautiful, unique label, I will want it. A lot. I don’t even care what the product actually is half the time. This could get seriously dangerous if I’m let off the hook. If I start hoarding millions of jars and paper bags purely because of their labels I would really be a crazy lady. So I guess this blog is my (slightly) less-crazy alternative.

And to kick it off, I think these Jam Bandits jar labels are the best. I mean each flavour has a different font – what is not to love about that? Sheer brilliance. If only I could still eat jam, damn no sugar, because I am so keen on the Peanutella.

(Image from here)

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