inspiration wall :: august

august inspiration

Somehow this month quickly became a very sombre, neutral looking inspiration wall. Maybe that’s a sign for a peaceful month ahead? Probably just wishful thinking. And laziness on my part from last month – that book club is still non-existent. Must do it soon!

– This Twenty Seven Names dress featured in RUSSH a long long long time ago, but I just came across it again, and it is just lovely. The subtle print and shape. A bit country-girl-esque. Maybe an escape to the country is what I need this month.

– The cocoon chair by Tilt was originally put together as a way to have privacy in office space. But I love it because of its cosiness. What would be better than curling up in a COCOON in front of a fire, and reading a book in this last month of winter?

Jordan Carter creates these crazy mixed media illustrations. He is winning my points with this tiger do. It deserves a very special place on my wall. Slash, it would be the best to actually have the talent to do this. Aim for August?

– Crafty project for the month (which I am going to make a new feature of my life, partly out of necessity): beautiful envelopes. Already got 2 done. So easy but they just look so good.

– These cute outfits from Mademoiselle Tara. So they are definitely not warm enough for now, but hey, that fabric will just keep getting me excited for the months and sun to come!

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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