week eight.

almond butter barkSo the program is over and now I am left to fend for myself. But there is no way I’m stopping – it is just too good. Luckily there are a billion sugar-free recipes I want to try, and that should keep me motivated for a long while. Plus there is always the blog, which I love a weekly gander at.

A bit about this week:

– Made almond butter bark because I just needed a sweet treat for finishing the week. I thought the recipes had peaked at the raspberry ripple, but holy cow. I feel like I should be packing on the pounds when I eat this because it is just so good.
– I know I have already raved about almond milk, but it is perfect, anytime of the day.
– Also made some kale pesto. Yum yum.
– And still perfecting that difficult art of poaching eggs.

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