an olsen a day.

olsen outfit

Today I am having a bit of an Olsen moment. And I’m not complaining. If you have ever stalked my Facebook page, seen the strange articles I read, or save to bookmarks, you would know of my affection for these twins.

As I imagined my outfit for the day in my head this morning, it quickly reminded me of Ashley’s super cool outfit from New York Minute – that one where they get glammed up, which they clearly didn’t even need. I thought that outfit was the best thing back in the day. Times may have changed.

I obviously have a wild imagination because my dress and cardi option isn’t up to their standards, at all, and looking back at it they are seriously nothing alike.  But it’s all in the colours.

Nothing like a bit of a celebrity boost on a sick day. If only I got that everyday.

And while on the Olsen topic – I have been planning a twinnie movie marathon for a while, and here is the inspiring list of films to watch. I’m ready for a seriously repetitive and predictable evening, but of course I’m crazy excited at the same time.


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