an olsen a day.

olsen outfit

Today I am having a bit of an Olsen moment. And I’m not complaining. If you have ever stalked my Facebook page, seen the strange articles I read, or save to bookmarks, you would know of my affection for these twins.

As I imagined my outfit for the day in my head this morning, it quickly reminded me of Ashley’s super cool outfit from New York Minute – that one where they get glammed up, which they clearly didn’t even need. I thought that outfit was the best thing back in the day. Times may have changed.

I obviously have a wild imagination because my dress and cardi option isn’t up to their standards, at all, and looking back at it they are seriously nothing alike. ย But it’s all in the colours.

Nothing like a bit of a celebrity boost on a sick day. If only I got that everyday.

And while on the Olsen topic – I have been planning a twinnie movie marathon for a while, and here is the inspiring list of films to watch. I’m ready for a seriously repetitive and predictable evening, but of course I’m crazy excited at the same time.


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