musings :: tavi gevinson

This is quite a timely post on my behalf, although it has definitely been brewing for a while. Like, years. Pretty much ever since I first discovered Style Rookie and fell in love with it. Somehow all the inner-workings of a teenage girls mind were unleashed, and we could all agree.

Until I started following Tavi I never thought it would be possible to admire and look up to someone younger than me. Just like how I always had a refusal to date anyone younger. But far out, she just blew my mind and I couldn’t help it.

Tavi Gevinson has basically taken over the world in a matter of years, and she is only 17. She has made kitsch cool. She has even made being a teenage girl cool, and real. I won’t lie, it almost makes me wish I was a teenager again, so I could relish it like that. Plus she is hilarious.

And now she is THE spokesperson for pretty much ever teenage girl on the planet. They all turn to her, follow her Twitter and Instagram like maniacs, live by the articles published in Rookie Mag, and just want to be her I’m guessing.

I have a lot of catching up to do if I were ever to achieve half of what she has. I could probably ramble on for ages about her style and ingenuity, but instead here are some of my favourite snapshots of this wondergirl for your perusal.

tavi gevinson


tavi gevinson

tavi gevinson


tavi gevinson

(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4)

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