the dream.

The Strand Arcade‘s yearly ‘Evening with Our Designers’ is pretty much my annual fashion event (i.e. the only real fashion event I ever get to). Goes in the diary as soon as it can.

And then it’s time to start trying to save some pennies so that I can purchase even just one thing. There are massive discounts but my uni budget still doesn’t allow much flexibility for this high-end Australian designer stuff. And no amount of wishing improves that. If I had the cash I would instantly buy any of it – everything is so beautifully crafted and made.

But last night I found the two dresses that are just so impeccable and perfect. One from Lover, the other Sass and Bide, and both well out of my price range. And that’s why it’s a dream. For now at least.

Also check out Skin and Threads, an organic basics label from Melbourne. It’s the kind of store you just want to walk in and run your hand over every item, so so soft and delicate. I would make a bed of blankets out of their fabrics. Cosy.


sass and bide

(Images from 1, 2)


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