all swedes are cool.

I can’t be wrong here, can I? Just look at these images from the Swedish festival, Way Out West (and far out it was a good line-up: hello Alicia Keys, James Blake, Grimes, Beach House and Tame Impala. Just another reason to secretly change my identity).

It puts all Australian festivals to shame. I’m a little tired of our short-as-you-can-get shorts, baggy shirts, bikinis underneath, and Ray-Bans. Not my style.

But these guys, they just nail it. Why do we all have to look and dress exactly the same when we go to festivals? I don’t get that at all. Just one of the crowd.

Let’s just wear what we wanna wear like we just don’t care. Swedish style.

If you want to wear a turban, do it. If you want to rock black lipstick or bindis, go for it. I promise I won’t complain.

Let’s take a leaf out of their book and raid our closets for the most outrageous clothing item there. Wear it to your summer festival – because where else could you really get away with it anyway? Next thing you know I’ll be wearing grandma dresses everywhere. But I won’t even care.


way out west

way out west

way out west

way out west

(Images from here)

3 thoughts on “all swedes are cool.

  1. Love this post and totally agree with you, their fashion sense is awesome! Feel free to check out my blog if you get a moment, I’m new to WordPress and would love to hear any feedback you may have x

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