nail art heaven.

nail art

Now I can actually do something fun with my nails. Last night I was lucky enough to go to a nail art lesson at Workshop. (Thank you thank you thank you sweet frankie for the tickets, always so good to me, forever in debt). The lovely Michelle from Cosmetic Cupcake ran the class and taught us all about dotting and ombré and glitter.

Technical terms might not have stuck with me, but at least I know something now. I’m that girl who loves painting my nails – different colour every week – but can’t actually do it. Not kidding, I pretty much end up with coloured fingers every time, almost more colour on my fingertips than my nails. At least I can make them look slightly more attractive and interesting now.

My obsession with nail polish is escalating once again. I want every colour, every finish, the best collection of polishes you have ever seen. And cannot get enough of the glitter. Bejazzled. It’s like a disco on my fingers. Exactly the way it should be to make any day better.

Next step: leopard print. That one could take a while to perfect.

(Image from here)

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