inspiration wall :: september

SPRING season. Hallelujah. Plus, I actually made those envelopes I promised myself that I would last month. They worked, and I even managed to send one off for some friendly snail mail. This month’s creative outlook isn’t great – busy life ahead. But here is some inspiration to get me (and you) through:

september inspiration

– Wooden walls, and wooden everything. It may be spring but hey, it isn’t too late to enjoy a little cabin in the middle of nowhere is it? Surely it is even better now – now that you can smell the flowers and lie in the grass without dying of pneumonia. I also want that piece of art so bad.
– An abstract map of Paris. Feeding my desire to get back to Europe. At least maybe this will encourage to save more moolah.
Garance Dore spotted this camera. And what a beauty it is! I bet fashion lovers everywhere will now be attaching beautiful silk scarves to their gadgets. This has gotta be more comfy than a hard woven strap anyway.
– Spring = salad time. No one likes eating salads when it’s cold, but now we want them everyday. And I love this idea for entertaining or a picnic. The cutest individual salad boxes. BRING ON THE PICNICS.
– A pop of colour never goes astray. Simple outfits are the best when it’s warm, but I also hate wearing boring clothes. Somehow it seems to tamper with my mood and put a dampener on the whole day ahead. So maybe I just need to invest in some more colourful shoes and socks. Rock that with any outfit.
(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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