that birkenstock trend.

birkenstock man repeller

It seems the classic old Birkenstock is making its way back into high fashion. Spotted on the most stylish of the stylish. Interesting.

I won’t judge, but I can’t say I understand it. They ain’t that pretty.

It reminds of back in Year 5 when they were all the rage. You definitely weren’t cool unless you had a sexy pair of Birkenstocks. A lot of my friends rocked them, somehow I ended up with a ‘oh yeah I’m kind of a Birkenstock, but my leather upper actually has cut-out flowers’ kind of alternative. Mum was always pushing that individuality thing, and thankfully. No shame in being the only one with the prettier option.

So maybe everyone just wants to relive their childhood over again.

Or they want to pretend they are German backpackers (and who wouldn’t? They always have great tans).

Or grandma chic is the coolest thing ever (better wear those Birkenstocks with socks too).

Or maybe the comfiness and convenience of these shoes has won everyone over – they have finally realised that heels actually hurt and aren’t fun, no matter how long they make your legs look.

I for one won’t be following this trend, I will be sticking to my boots and sandals, but I would love to know how it made its way back into street style. And if I decide to follow along, I might just have to check the garage, source my well-loved alternatives, and pretend I am in Year 5 – still loving Barbies and cupcakes.

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6 thoughts on “that birkenstock trend.

  1. […] Those Adidas ones everyone used to wear to the pool, and have now become heart of the normcore trend? My blood curdles. I understand that Birkenstocks are super comfy – if all the internet cool kids are wearing them, there must be some merit. But you won’t catch me in these any time soon (I’ve already expressed my pact on this before). […]

  2. The trend definitly brings back some memories 🙂 I haven’t gotten any yet but gotta say I’m a fan! Really like the picture of Manrepeller you chose for this

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