the brain explosion.

Working gal day one is done and dusted, with more laughs and smiles than I had expected. So now I have come home with a brain exploding with thoughts and inspiration. Too much one may say.

The last thing I could do right now is pay attention to uni work. Let’s just plan LIFE! Much more fun.

And while I am on this procrastination path – might I just say that I love animal prints. Give me leopard or tiger any day (in non-tacky form).

But what about these? Sport a flamingo. Or some crazy roosters.

Paris Fashion Week has stolen my heart. And Tommy Ton has captured all this amazingness through his clever little lens. I can imagine that if I were in his shoes for a day I would come home without my brain, because it literally would have exploded with creativity and ideas during the day.

The pains of being over-stimulated.

flamingo tommy ton

rooster tommy ton


(Images from here)


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