joining the bandwagon and taking stock.

taking stock

You may or may not have gathered so far that I am a massive fangirl of Pip Lincolne. Honestly, such a genuinely lovely, beautiful and creative person.

And so I come to this. After admiring the 52 Lists project, along with many others, I have decided to pause and take stock of my life, with the help of Pip.

Making : myself even more busy than I ever have been.
Cooking : Zucchini Coconut Lunchbox Bread. DELISH. The best healthy work snack.
Drinking : lots and lots of coffee. Thank you Cafe Phoenix.
Reading: just finished Lolita! (finally)
Wanting: to be an incredible fashion week photographer / blogger (like Phil Oh).
Looking: for a new book to read.
Playing: Candy Crush. Finally got into that – bad idea.
Wasting: a lot of time online.
Fixing: my organisation skills.
Wishing: that I had a plan, lived near the beach, I had studied design.
Enjoying: interning. Boo yah.
Waiting: for the weekend so I can get to the beach.
Liking: too many photos on Instagram.
Wondering: how much time I actually spend online everyday?
Loving: Mad Men and magazine collections and sunny / hot days.
Pondering: that thing called life.
Considering: what to cook next…
Watching: Grand Designs, Mad Men, Parenthood
Hoping: that people will start realising poverty is right on our doorstep in Australia.
Marvelling: at creation.
Needing: a bit of time out – some time to read and cook and drink tea.
Smelling: like hot weather…
Wearing: vintage lace and my golden oldie high waisted skirt.
Following: The Design Files every creative adventure.
Noticing: the privileged area we live in.
Knowing: that summer is coming.
Thinking: way too much. My brain hurts.
Feeling: tired…
Admiring: people who go go go, and accomplish so much.
Buying: lots of coconut oil, chia seeds and quinoa.
Getting: hottttt
Bookmarking: more and more blogs each day. Yesterday I once again decided to follow A Cup Of Jo.
Opening: my inbox to be seriously overwhelmed.
Giggling: while playing Balderdash.

If you want to join too, check out Meet Me At Mikes. Life dump over.

(Image from here)

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