flower power.

My evernote is literally brimming with inspiration at the moment. Don’t even know where to start with it all, or how to put it all on this blog – the story of my inspiration wall.

But I have just got to take it one step at a time. One snippet of inspiration at a time. The downside of this is that when I eventually get around to posting something it is generally super delayed and less new. But nonetheless inspiring.

So today I bring you some lovely shots from Christopher Kane’s London Fashion Week show.

Sitting in bed with nothing better to do, I start dreaming of this flower power goodness. Glorious cut-outs and fun shapes.  I love a good cut-out, particularly interesting backs to dresses. No summer is complete without a new addition in this category (picked up my bargain $40 Subtitled dress today, with yet another pretty back).

This show is almost 70’s hippie meets futuristic space traveller. Breaching the time barrier. I like it, especially the dissection of a flower.

christopher kane lfw


christopher kane lfw


christopher kane lfw

(Images from here)

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