musings :: alexa chung.

She is just that ‘too-cool’ girl. Honestly. She is everywhere, and everyone loves her. Me included – no shame there. I follow her Twitter like a massive fangirl, and like virtually all her posts (how can I not when she always speaks such TRUTH?).

I admire intelligent models. The ones who do other things with their lives and actually respect themselves. Far out, she has been a massive TV star, published her own book (which is on my wish-list), and also written for magazines. And she doesn’t abuse any of this mighty power.

She is the girl who was quoted saying “I don’t want to be known for floating around and just going to parties”. Clearly she is just great. A girl can dream to be like her. A multi-talented, high achieving babe.

And then there are her clothes. Downplayed, tomboy, sassy, bold, elegant or sweet. Or all of them at once. Yeah she does. With her beautiful Heidi hair.

alexa chung


alexa chung


alexa chung


alexa chung

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