print on print.

We all need some fun prints in our lives. Don’t they just make the day seem better? Brighter? More playful? I almost feel like I buy so many prints that I will never wear a solid colour again. But hey, print on print is the ‘in’ thing, so maybe my wardrobe has reached perfection.

My new life motto may be to wear a print dress on any, and every, dull day. Like those days where you are so tired you can barely get out of bed, or you are just in a terrible mood instantly and everything is going wrong.

It’s a funny thing, and I don’t know whether there is any science behind it, but if I am feeling gross about the day ahead (about me specifically or the things on the day’s agenda), I always feel so much better and confident when I put on a great outfit.

Is it petty that an ensemble can improve my day so much? I guess the main thing is, at least I have found the key to overcoming Mondayitis.

print tommy ton

print tommy ton

(Images from here)

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