origami house.

Grand Designs is arguably one of the greatest TV shows of all time. You can never leave the TV without feeling inspired in some way or another, or seriously jealous.

Now the Australian version doesn’t quite match up, I miss Kevin, but that isn’t to say the houses and designs aren’t just as unique.

While performing my little exercise routine this morning I was watching yet another episode. And this truly amazed me. I can’t even explain the beauty and intricacy of it in words. The pictures will have to tell the story.

But seeing the immense effort and time put in by each of the labourers to get these angles perfect and create the most stunning house, was incredible. The wooden boards lining the outside are perfection. And that pool? Gosh yes. I have discovered the ultimate dream for my future house – a wrap-around pool that meets the edges of the house.

Also craving that dining room table and chairs. It’s wood, again. It’s not too hard to win me over.

wooden chairs


origami house

(Images from here)

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