the monkey on your back.

Is the latest trend. Except, it isn’t a monkey. It’s actually patched jeans.

As uni draws to a close (and the mass of assignments hits – hence the lack of blogging lately), I’m starting to imagine all the things I can do with my REAL weekends. I can actually read, go to the beach when I feel like it, cook delicious food.

And more importantly, finally sew again. It has been too long. It wouldn’t surprise me if my machine decided not to work – she has seriously been neglected these last few years. This is just one of those potential projects.

Why not purchase a pair of op-shop jeans, grab some scrap materials and jazz it up? Denim on denim, or crazy patterns. The best of fun.

patched jeans

patched jeans

patched jeans


(Images from here)



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