cafe love.

There is almost nothing greater than a sexy cafe, with a quirky feel. The scent of coffee wafting in the air, hipstah magazines, and interesting design features.

My favourite cafes are often those that are beautifully simple but so well put together. Take Mecca for example. And let’s be honest, I am bound to love them if they use a little exposed brick or wood fixtures here and there.

When I see instagram photos or blog posts about lovely cafes around the world my itch to travel is insanely heightened. Like these shots from Barcelona. That’s it, I’m going back.

Is it weird that I want to visit them all? That I want to document all these experiences? Gosh I guess I would even live in a cafe if I had the choice. No more than a couple of steps to get my daily coffee then.

barcelona cafe

barcelona cafe

barcelona cafe

(Images from here)

3 thoughts on “cafe love.

  1. Hey, I love your blog 🙂
    I tried following on bloglovin but couldn’t fin you on there! you should sign up with them so I can follow you.

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