Can I just make a quick statement here – I’m not sure why, but it annoys the crap out of me when people say ‘inspo’. For me, the word ‘inspiration’ doesn’t need any cool-ifying – it is already perfect, it’s already ‘inspiring’. Thinking of inspiration brings up beautiful images in my mind, like blue skies and street style. But inspo? Doesn’t do anything for me.

With that aside, I have here a couple of house INSPIRATION shots.

The Selby has long been one of my favourite blogs. It might be the high-school-girl-facebook-stalker coming out in me, but I find it so fascinating to see into other people’s homes, where their true expression of self is seen. A home can say so much about us.

These shots are from a place in Brooklyn (instantly cool then obviously), the home of an incredibly artistic couple. I love the styling and expression in the small things – the bits they place on their shelves, those little pieces that add so much character and make an area interesting. Ps. take notice of the piping on those shelves.

Incred. Now that is one word I don’t mind shortening.

brooklyn shelves

camera collection

(Images from here)

3 thoughts on “house.

  1. Great post!

    Unfortunately I’m guilty of the “inspo” crime… Feel free to correct me next time it happens – it really is appalling slang!

    Stand your ground, Hannah. x

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