pausing for a moment.

Coming back from a short blog hiatus, I am now on a bit of a life hiatus. The next month may be the last time I get in a long while to just sit and do nothing. Although I am prone to filling this space with a million little ideas and adventures.

So I have already started making that list. I mean, if this is going to be my last month like this, I’ve gotta make the most of it. Here goes:

– watch all of Girls, plus catch up on the billion other TV shows from the year
– get through the massive pile of magazines
– cook a bunch of yum things including this paleo bread
– visit as many cafes as I can from my infamous list – starting with Brickfields
– get creative
– escape down south
And those are just my original thoughts. This will probably be a month of busyiness and sleeplessness. Excitement.


(Image from here)

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