musings :: kate bosworth

Kate Bosworth was one of those celebrities I just loved at a young age – she was beautiful, quirky (probably just because her eyes are different colours) and seemed pretty nice.

She was also a total babe in Blue Crush and we all wished we could be like her. My surfing dreams were awakened after seeing that movie. We were also jealous of her winning a date with Tad Hamilton too. And then after a few more stints and films I kind of just forgot about her. One of those celebrities who disappear for a while, off the radar, which, I must add, actually makes me respect these celebrities more. They are content to not live constantly in the limelight (I’m looking at you, Miley).

Then the lovely Ms Bosworth was featured in Net-a-Porter‘s, The Edit. That love was rekindled. Still a babe, still real, and about to be a wife. And wearing some amazingly decadent clothing.

kate bosworth netaporter

kate bosworth netaporter

(Images from here)


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