london joinery.

These last few days on my own have been predominantly spent catching up on all the TV shows I have missed throughout the year. Especially Grand Designs. This time with Kevin.

So many of these designs amaze me. The way they can take such a dilapidated building and literally transform it into something magnificent. I love when I can see an appreciation of the same style, with restoration qualities and sustainable views. Why make something completely new and modern when you can restore a little piece of history?

Yesterday I watched the joinery workshop episode, and this is just one of those builds that fits perfectly with my own design “criteria”. Basically they took this massive warehouse / workshop space and transformed it into an open living area, with private boxes lining the side for all the bedrooms and bathrooms.

It is exactly the kind of thing I could only dream of doing. I feel like all the old warehouses and lofts have already been purchased and updated – no fun left for us anymore!

I wish I could find more images of this because the end result is so beautiful, but you will just have to use your imagination.

joinery workshop

(Image from here)


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