lazy days.

It’s a lazy day today. We woke up, were meant to go for our weekly swim, and chickened out. All in the name of chilling instead. Also need to prep for the million-hour shift I have tonight, and avoid falling asleep at all costs.

In keeping with the theme, this post is equally lazy. A showcase of some of my new favourite Pins, as I gradually grow to love Pinterest more, and verge on obsessive.

It’s funny how I can get so inspired when browsing the internet, but am often so slow to get started on projects in real life. I reckon it’s the time commitment. And I’m scared of it all just becoming another unfinished project. So this summer I just need to take that leap and commit and conquer.

1. I am actually in love with this kitchen. Mint and white, so much light.
2. Yep, that’s what I would be doing all day if I could. If only money grew on trees.
3. INSPIRATION WALL. + a hot typewriter.
4. And some beautiful wrapping. The perfect Christmas way.
mint kitchen
reading in bed
inspiration wall
gift wrap feathers
(Images from here)

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