icelandic for a day.

I just finished a book set in Iceland (Burial Rites by Hannah Kent – recommend it), and for the first time ever I am feeling enticed to go there. I always imagined it would be way too cold, too icy, too wintry all the time. Which is a nightmare in my eyes. But this book has kind of changed that perception.

I mean, winter in Iceland sounds horrible, especially in the 1800’s when your house was made out of hay. Doesn’t sound like much fun. But I’m betting things have changed.

Then the spring-time sounds glorious – full of meadows and sunshine and warmer weather. So I thought I would explore a little more of this country, one which is rarely talked about as a hot travel destination.

I came across Icelandic photographer Rebekka Gudleifsdottir (read up on how they used to get their last names….). Her images are eerily beautiful and somehow enchanting. A taste of the cold in this hot summer weather.





(Images from here)



2 thoughts on “icelandic for a day.

  1. Bro, Iceland looks like such a great place! And the music (or those few artists that I’ve heard) is amazing. It’s right up the list. Those photos are legit!

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