time with :: hannah power

Han is another one of those incredibly inspiring people who has so much talent, from her macaroon baking, to crazy art skillz. (And no, she isn’t related to Alex – unless they are keeping a secret from me).

work space

Best macaroon flavour? And what flavour would you invent? My all time favourite is pistachio for sure! I am keen to try creating a maple and walnut macaroon.

Where, and by what do you feel most inspired? A few different things:

– Art galleries! I cannot get enough of them (and I don’t think I ever will! ) It’s just one of the best feelings to be surrounded by Art

– Nature. It’s such an excellent thing and I think I underestimate just how inspiring nature can be.

– Looking at books. Books are the best. I love them, particularly when they are full of design! I love that unlike a website, books have to be edited and finalised and printed before we can read them. Sure, this whole process takes a lot longer, but I think it ultimately leads to books being likely to contain more concentrated and critiqued info than many websites do. (not this website of course, it’s obviously brilliant)

– Friends. Talking to people and hearing about what they’re doing and what they’re interested in. Seeing them creating excellent things and working for things they care about is something I think I would call inspiring.

What is your creative outlet? I’m not sure I have one; so much of uni and work involve creative stuff already. But in my spare time I still end up painting and drawing anyway!

What movie, book, or music has inspired you? Recently, I watched “Exit through the Gift Shop” which has provided me with a lot of things to think about. I’ve also just read “London Underground by Design” which I’m not sure most people would describe as inspirational but I would.

Talk us through your day. Ideally my day starts at about 10am but unfortunately uni doesn’t always seem to agree. My days are usually characterised by a reasonably lengthy train trip, grabbing a coffee and heading to uni at UTS. My timetable means it’s often dark by the time I leave and head home to eat and continue working on my assignments late into the night, my most productive time is about 10pm-2am (which is why I don’t like getting up until 10)

Even though I’m at uni quite a bit there still seems to be plenty of time each week to go out for coffee and meet up with people for lunch on a regular basis.

Dream job? My dream job is simply a job that allows me to be creative.

Favourite medium to work with? I prefer watercolour, printmaking and motion graphics. Lately I have been getting more interested in gouache and collage too.

Favourite thinking foods or beverage? Coffee! (Jasmine tea and apple & Mango juice are close behind!)

If you could change one thing about the world what would it be? People’s attitudes, because that’s what changes more things.

Check some of Han’s creative work here. Your mind will be blown.

Thanks Han! x

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