While in Melbourne last week I discovered some amazing new designs and brands. Wandering around the various boutiques you come across so many up-and-coming treats. So that’s inspired this new little segment I am going to bring to you each month, where I am aiming to share with the world some of these lesser-seen goodies.

And today it is Lolicu.

These delicious bow ties are hand-made in Melbourne, and come in their very own cute container. Then if you are hipstah enough you can evem put your smoothies in it.

I once made a bow tie for Tim – it worked, but gosh I wish I had found these guys first. They trump mine any day.

And girls can rock these too. Creator, Paolo, learnt all his skills from his mama – the perfect little homage.

Featuring at the next hot wedding you attend – EYES PEELED.


lolicu bowties

lolic and lime

handmade bow tie

(Images from here and here)

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