thread art.

I’ve always wished I could paint or draw or express myself on paper like that somehow. Now this thing called thread art is all the rage – maybe it’s my calling.

Combining two of my favourite loves: the arts and fashion / textiles. Thread art is almost like a 3D collage, enhancing any image. So much attention to all the details.

You could say I have already tried my hand at this thread art business. Brownies (yeah I did that) was the place to be in primary school and we all learnt how to cook and iron and fix a pair of socks. But you know what we also did? Made these massive string art things – mine a teardrop. It may be super ugly and messy and wrong, but it still owns a place in the stairwell.

Just don’t hold up one of Hagar’s incredible creations next to it – I am far too inferior.

thread art

happy red fish

Hagar Vardimon-van Heummen

rhino in art

(Images from here)

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