inspiration wall :: february.

Thankfully the sun is still out and the beach is still amazing – making every weekend a treat. February is when the ocean finally warms up in Sydney and you can comfortably float for hours. Perfection.

Some more little bits and bobs to keep you going through the month ahead.

february inspiration

– These sunglasses are everything, clearly. Epitome of summer.
– I know it is still a little too warm to be thinking about winter clothes, but this black on black on black on yellow is the best. We need some colour in those dreary months. Luckily my sock collection continues to grow and I love them all.
– Mirrored lightboxes created by Autumn de Wilde. Look at the rest of the images to see their amazing effect on the surrounding landscape. A kaleidoscope world.
– A fun and creative wardrobe door. Featured in this sunshiney house in Phoenix, Arizona.
– One of the latest sass and bide prints – liberty. A prairie dream. Riding horses, eating picnics off piles off hay, and picking dandelions.
(Images from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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