resting up.

It has been one of those ridiculously crazy weeks – those ones where you are literally getting through the day on adrenaline alone. Thankfully Phoenix was there to provide that source. Hence my complete lack of presence though.

Now I can make up for some lost time. Some more of that street style from the recent fashion weeks. My favourite time of the year.

It’s the clutches and bags that have caught my eye this time round. Such a luxury to carry around something so small.

Somehow everyday I manage to fill up a decent-sized handbag with a billion different things (the list includes my book, a magazine, diary, drink bottle, spare cardigan, tissues….and on and on it goes) and lug it around – obviously resulting in a dead arm after a period of time.

Of course if I just learnt to be a little less prepared for every situation then I could manage with one of these pretties instead. And keep my shoulders going for a few more years.

fashion week clutch

mini bag fashion week

(Images from here and here)

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