connection piece iii.

Yoko Ono is one crazy, multi-tasking, multi-talented lady. Now she has a new book featuring thoughtful pieces. I don’t know if you would call them poems, statements, or just the wanderings of the brain – but they are legit.

I used to love a good quote, and then I guess I got over all that. When I grew out of the high school stage of posting these, “like, seriously meaningful”, song lyrics to my tumblr, I think the quote fondness also fell away.

But it is coming back, thankfully without the teen angst. Prepare yourselves for some more thought-provoking, word-intense pieces.

yoko ono and john lennon peace


Connection Piece III. 

In the evening before sunset,

go as far as you can from where you reside without losing its view.

Watch it for a while.

Think of all the things that happened in there,

and the many miles you walked inside the rooms.

One day, you may move away from it.

One day, you may pass away from there.

Be kind to yourself this evening.

(a) Buy something for yourself.

(b) Treat yourself to a meal.

(c) Look at the mirror and give a smile to yourself.

– Yoko Ono, Acorn

(Image from here)

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