san franciscan for a day.

Although clearly most of these photos weren’t actually taken in the wonderful world of San Francisco. Jake Stangel shoots some of the best candid / personal photos out.

Look through his Dailies collection and you will find a bunch of ridiculous faces, misshapen shots, and hands in the way. It’s like a way more artsy version of the photos I used to take with my Christmas disposable camera each year – the classic ‘this is my bedroom’, ‘these are my teddies’, ‘woops, my finger is blocking the lens’ shots. Hey, I was only 7.

Some of my favourites come from trips Jake has taken by bicycle around the States – everywhere is so absolutely different and unique.

jake stangel west

jake stangel desert

jake stangel

jake stangel photography

jake stangel seagulls

(Images from here)

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