reliving :: ellery.

I have this permanent allegiance to any Australian designer. As soon as I discover their origins I hang off their every word and creation. I couldn’t really tell you why – but it may have something to do with people achieving the things I have always dreamed, and growing up in a similar way.

You know those New York designers, surely they’ve always lived the high life, always been part of a creative family and gone to arts camps. It’s clearly not true, but somehow my brain often believes this.

Kym Ellery is another amazing Australian on my admiration list. Her designs have the greatest sophisticated silhouettes and variety of textures. They are the perfection an Australian spring needs with their neutral tones.

Just wait for more Ellery, because I really like to preach about those I hold dearly. 

ellery spring 2013 rtw

kym ellery

ellery spring 2013 rtw

australian designer ellery

ellery spring 2013 rtw

(Images from here)

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