wouldn’t it be nice.

Some homes almost make me want to cry because they are so amazing, and they aren’t mine.

Even more than that, I’m still living at home, so don’t even have rooms to play with and spread my belongings everywhere. That would be why my room is so messy all the time – how on earth am I meant to fit everything in the one room. That’s why we have houses.

I am not condoning consumerism, but it is a truth when we live in this first world society. A sad truth that may need to be broken away from, but it still exists. 

I don’t need a big, over-sized McMansion place, a little shack will do me just fine. But I do want a beautiful, light and airy kitchen just like this one. The further along my sugar-free journey I get, the more I appreciate food and the joys of cooking. So a wonderful kitchen there will be. 

kitchen design files

lauren bamford kitchen

patterned arm chair

(Images from here)

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