an ode to coffee.

Yes, artsy photos of coffees are everywhere, it only takes a few moments on Instagram to realise that. (I myself am prone to take part in this madness often, but I swear it is just because of my deep coffee love).

I’m not a hater of this trend anyway though. If you were lucky enough to purchase / create an amazing cup of coffee, I am more than happy to share in your joy and like that. I might be part of the minority here, but I much prefer these images appearing in my feed to constant “fitspo” and quotes that are supposedly going to inspire my day.

Apart from that, my coffee and tea indulgences help me get through the cold days, with something to warm those little hands.

Bring on the simple coffee photography – next it will be the humble vegemite on toast.

coffee portrait


lemon tea

sunday coffee 

(Images from 1, 2, 3)

3 thoughts on “an ode to coffee.

  1. Haha, I know your deep love for coffee. If you like simple shot of a coffee (or food), find thetrottergirl on Instagram.

    Its a treat to sip through your blog on my sick day…:-)

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