reliving :: yves saint laurent’s mondrian.

I have forever held genius fashion designers on a pedestal – the way they come up with unique collections each season and manage the stress of it all blows my mind. Even so, I definitely have never fully understood the immense pressure and strain this must place on their lives constantly.

It wasn’t until I watched Yves Saint Laurent the other night that this image truly came to me – it is no surprise that so many designers have the most colourful and painful lives. Heading up a French fashion house is no easy feat.

So watch the movie and see what you think – does it make you appreciate their handiwork even more?

And his Mondrian-inspired collection – true ingenuity. A refresher in the world of fashion, the first real colour blocking.

mondrian ysl

yves saint laurent 1960s

ysl mondrian 1960s

(Images from 1, 2, 3)

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